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Clothing manufacturers in Europe 2022

Are you looking for the ideal manufacturer for your clothing? You are at the right place at MPY Textile! You no longer need to look outside of Europe to manufacture your clothes. Turkey has the best clothing manufacturers in Europe 2022, and lucky for you we got our own clothing factory right there.

The most clothing manufacturers in Europe are specialized in private label for men ,ladies, corparate.

Green future, means more clothing manufacturers in Europe

Since the movement of sustainable, green, and ethical production of clothes, Europe has seen an increase of almost 3% yearly. If we compare that to Asia, we can say that is has become a true competitor. The higher costs of production no longer outweigh the demanding of fairtrade production of clothes. No wonder why a lot of brands are moving to clothing manufacturers in Europe.

According to industry experts, the COVID-19 pandemic has a long-term impact on market dynamics. For example, China is becoming more expensive due to labour force shortages and the trade conflict with the USA. Also, the Chinese government has introduced new environmental legislation following the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change. While China expects to continue to decline in market share, expectations from McKinsey’s State of Fashion 2021 are that Europe, despite a small decline due to COVID-19, will return to 2019 sales values by 2023.

The most popular countries for clothing manufacturers in Europe

The future of manufacturing clothes lies in Europe. There’s a big difference in costs of production when you compare clothing manufacturers in the Netherlands with other clothing manufacturers in Europe. For example, the loan for labour force is higher in Belgium, than Spain.

Our clothing manufacturers in Turkey gives us the best of both worlds. Our office is situated in the Netherlands for professional support, and our clothing factory make dreams come true for lower costs of production. Therefore, Turkey is by far one of the most popular countries for clothing manufacturers in Europe.

Are you looking for clothing manufacturers in Europe for a small quantity?

Look no further. It’s hard to find a clothing manufacturer in Europe that produces at low costs, and low quantity. However, we find it more important to make your clothing dream come true, then charge more money for our own profits. That’s why, it’s possible to produce a low quantity of your collection.

More about our MPY Textile clothing factory in Europe

At MPY Textile, it is possible to produce high-quality private label women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, promotional clothing, and corporate clothing, also for the business market. Our main clothing categories are streetwear, lounge wear, tracksuits, home wear, hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, denim, and swimwear.

Here, it is possible to personally select the fabric, design, and materials for sampling. We offer a wide selection of fabric swatches, production processes and additional services including embroidery and fabric printing. Also, clothing manufacturing is available in both small and large quantities.

With offices in the Netherlands and Turkey, we offer clothing production with an integral approach, while keeping short lines. In other words, with a high-tech product line, we offer our customers competitive prices, high-quality products, the best services, and fast, on-time delivery. As we said, best of both worlds.

Would you like to know more about our clothing manufacturing in Europe service? Then read more here or contact or call +31 6 27 40 40 12.